New Paradigm, New Needs

Cloud Native

Built on existing cloud concepts and agile development.

Any App, Every Where

Outside the datacenter, the edge is a diverse place.

Zero Trust

Perimeter-based physical and cyber security of the datacenter are gone.

3-D Hyperscale

Hyperscale isn’t just about workloads on servers anymore.

Zero Touch

Central control, automation and autonomous edge operations.

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Industrial Automation

From Nanometer motion control & quality assurance to real-time 3D modelling, the ability of applications to manage massive data at the cyber physical edge changes what’s possible


Voltage stability, demand response, and remediation action take on whole new dimensions when load, transmission, and generation can respond in real-time.


From the back office to the store front, retailers are leveraging edge computing to change customer experience, optimize their supply chain, and create all new revenue streams.

What Brought Us Together

Ubiquitous, distributed, connected and cyber physical. These are the challenges of our time as a technology community. They’re what brought this diverse group of the industry’s best and brightest together. The entire world is becoming smart and connected. If everything that everyone builds or owns is smart and connected, how do you make apps that can run anywhere, using any data, at any time? What do application services look like in a distributed, autonomous, cloud native edge? Its a new edge economy and we’re here to make it a reality.