The ZEDi Knights

We’ve gather together a team of special individuals. The ZEDi Knights look at a challenge like “change the way ‘The Cloud’ works so the world can build real-time cloud-native apps” and thinks “sure, why not!”

For real-time applications to be built, something completely new must be created. Inspiration can come from anywhere, at anytime. “Real-World, Real-Time’’ changes everything...We’re united by our common desire to constantly challenge the status quo to find the answers.  We thrive on solving the problems that have no defined “box” to think outside of - we’re creating the box.

Bharani Chadalavada

Software Engineer

Chirag Kantharia

Software Engineer

Dino Farinacci

Chief Network Engineering

Don Becker

Chief Systems Engineer

Erik Normark

Chief Architect

Gopi Krishna Kodali

Software Engineer

Joel Vincent

Custodial Engineer

Magnus Almquist

VP Sales & Business Development

Michel Onstein

Software Engineer

Nagthej Manangi Ravindrarao

Software Engineer

Priyanka Patil

Software Engineer

Prosenjit Pal

Managing Director, India

Ravi Vaidyanathan

Software Engineer

Roman Shaposhnik

VP Product & Strategy

Said Ouissal

Chief Executive Officer

Saurabh Singh

Software Engineer

Srinibas Maharana

Software Engineer

Vijay Tapaskar

VP Engineering & Ops

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