ZEDEDA Emerges from Stealth to Power Real-Time Apps at the Edge; Closes $3.06M in Seed Funding

  • The massive wave of growth and change from the Internet of Things (IoT) wave cannot be met by traditional cloud and embedded systems. Like mobile and cloud waves before it, a whole new approach to computing that is purpose-built for the edge is requiredHere we go!
  • ZEDEDA is pioneering a secure, cloud-native approach to real-time edge applications at hyperscale for solutions ranging from self-driving cars to industrial robots
  • ZEDEDA’s team comprised of distinguished engineers from top tech companies in cloud, networking and open source to solve the edge computing puzzle and disrupt the status quo
  • Seed round was led by Wild West Capital; other investors include Almaz Capital, Barton Capital and Industry Veteran Ed Zander, former CEO of Motorola and former COO of Sun Microsystems

SANTA CLARA, Calif.—February 26, 2018—ZEDEDA, a startup powering the real-time enterprise, today emerged from stealth mode and announced it closed $3.06 million in seed-stage funding. As the Internet of Things (IoT) creates exponential growth with IoT-related spending surpassing an estimated $1 trillion by 2020, ZEDEDA is pioneering a secure, cloud-native approach to scaling out the real-time edge applications for solutions ranging from self-driving cars to industrial robots.

“Tomorrow’s edge computing environment that enables digital transformation will be distributed, autonomous and cooperative. The edge is complex and not only has to scale out securely, but simultaneously must become friendlier for app developers. That’s the problem we are solving at ZEDEDA,” stated ZEDEDA CEO and Co-Founder Said Ouissal. “It will require a drastic shift from today’s embedded computing mindset to a more secure-by-design, cloud-native approach that unlocks the power of millions of cloud app developers and allows them to digitize the physical world as billions of ‘things’ become smart and connected.”

ZEDEDA will use the funding for continued research and product development, investment in community open-source projects for edge computing as well as further investment in sales and marketing initiatives. ZEDEDA investors include Wild West Capital and Almaz Capital, whose funding was part of a broader group investors, some of whom also invested in IoT/edge companies Theatro and Sensity Systems (now Verizon).

Brand New Computing Model Purpose-Built for Edge Devices

In the coming wave of pervasive computing, real-time apps, cyber-physical systems and data services such as machine learning and analytics will become commonplace. ZEDEDA envisions an open ecosystem and a completely new technology stack that creates a service fabric essential to achieving the hyperscale that will be required in edge computing.

To realize that goal, ZEDEDA has pulled together a distinguished roster of industry veterans from legendary technology companies with expertise in areas of operating systems, virtualization, networking, security, blockchain, cloud and application platforms. This unique blend of skills combines with the team’s deep connections to core open-source projects and standardization bodies. The team’s work has directly contributed to software and system patents as well as industry standards used by billions of people around the world today.

“A new paradigm and massive innovation is needed to meet demand for IoT and edge computing,” said Kevin DeNuccio, Founder of Wild West Capital and ZEDEDA’s lead investor. “Massive shifts in technology, including the proliferation of IoT, paves the way for industry disruption, which large incumbents tend to inhibit. Disruption takes a combination of an entrepreneurial team with a very unique set of collective experience, groundbreaking ideas, and the ability to garner immediate traction with global industrial leaders, who can transform their business with machine learning and artificial intelligence delivered by the Edge connected IoT world. ZEDEDA is simply one of the most promising edge computing startups out there.”

“Operations Technology teams face major challenges when it comes to fully realizing the advantages of an IoT world. Their worlds are becoming massively connected systems dealing with virtualization, networking and security,” stated Christian Renaud, Research Director, IoT at 451 Research. “Our recent research shows that while OT teams have the application plans for leveraging IoT, the vast majority of organizations’ IT resources and capabilities are maxed out. This leaves open the question of how these edge applications and IoT will scale out without compromising security or taxing resources even further in the future.”

ZEDEDA is currently accepting sign-ups for early access to its platform which will move into customer trials in the first half of 2018.

ZEDEDA CEO and Co-Founder Said Ouissal is available for in-person meetings at the Open Networking Summit North America 2018 (March 26th – 29th) located at the InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown in Los Angeles, California.


Founded in 2016, ZEDEDA is pioneering a cloud-native approach to the deployment, management and security of real-time edge apps at hyperscale for solutions ranging from self-driving cars to industrial robots. ZEDEDA is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA with engineering and market development teams based in India, UK, Germany and Korea. For more information, please visit www.zededa.com or follow us on Twitter at @ZEDEDAEdge.

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Ethan Parker (512) 960.8222


Supporting Quotes:

“As organizations not only try to deal with immense amounts of IoT data, but also shift their revenue from hardware to services,” said Alp Sezen, Senior Director of IoT Strategy for SuperMicro, “they are realizing that dealing with distributed devices, when their core competency is not IT, is an expensive, time-consuming, and manual process. An approach that makes updating and adding new services to the edge as simple and secure as today’s cloud services is a complete game changer to the whole market.” 

“Computing shifts happen once every decade or two and each time the world’s most valuable companies come seemingly out of nowhere,” said Ed Zander. “At Sun we drove the rise of cloud computing and at Motorola we ushered in the age of mobile computing. The market potential of each of those shifts are dwarfed by the anticipated market potential facing edge computing software companies like ZEDEDA.”

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