Simplify Your Operations with Edge Virtualization

Cloud-Based Controller:

Gain visibility and control across all devices and applications from the central dashboard.

Application Catalog:

Deploy and manage applications – both old and new – as easily as installing an app on your phone.

Edge Containers:

Package and deploy any code in purpose-built open containers and run multiple applications on the same device.

LF Edge’s Project EVE:

Leverage the open, standard and agnostic architecture and APIs to gain unprecedented levels of control over any edge device.


Why Our Customers Love Us

Monitor, Manage and Protect

Gain central visibility, control and protection over your entire edge ecosystem


Anytime, Anywhere Access

Provision devices remotely: no truck rolls, no onsite expertise required

Scale On Demand

Set yourself up for hypergrowth: scale to any number of locations/applications/devices



As-a-Service delivery provides on-demand access to new features and improvements


Secure and Reliable

Ensure device integrity and security with a zero-trust model designed for the perimeter-less edge

ZEDEDA partners with these hardware providers to better enable customers to meet their edge infrastructure needs.

Ready to Take Control of the Edge?

Download this report to learn how a cloud-native edge will create business agility and streamline IT operations.

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